Paper Template and Instructions

The instructions and template below are to be used for both the initial submission (for peer review) and the final, camera-ready submission, based on the notification of acceptance. The length of the paper is limited to 8 (eight) pages, including Abstract, References, Acknowledgements, and Appendix as appropriate.

Please note that authors’ names and affiliations should not be included in the initial full paper submission (for peer review). These should be added to the camera-ready submission following acceptance and revision, and will be included in the conference proceedings. When you submit your camera-ready paper you will also be asked to confirm your Copyright Transfer on the ConfTool system.

The manuscript should be submitted via the ConfTool conference management system which is now available.

Before submitting the abstracts and full papers, the submitting author must register as a user of the ConfTool:

  1. Go to the ICDC2018 ConfTool site. Click “Register new” and fill the mandatory fields (marked with *) in the subsequent page, to register themselves. If you are a Design Society member please enter your Membership number in “Member ID”.
  2. After registering, you will receive an email confirming your user registration.
  3. Validate your ConfTool account by clicking or copy-pasting the web address (from the confirmation email you received) into the address bar of your internet browser.
  4. After validating the user account, please enter the ConfTool site using your login data (username/email address and password).
  5. On the “Overview” page, you can click the link “Show User Account Details” and verify all the information that you entered into the ConfTool system. To edit, click the link “Edit Show User Account Details” in the “Overview” page and modify the information.

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